Alan Xing

Alan Xing

Senior Manager

What made you decide to join Be UK?

Having worked in banking throughout all of my career, I felt I was being somewhat pigeonholed (in terms of the work I was doing, but also in the way I was thinking) and I was therefore looking for a change.  

I’m passionate about ESG and consulting seemed like the best way to gain an overall / broad understanding and insight of this topic and how it will impact financial services institutions. I decided to join Be UK in particular because the partnership team understood my background – they valued my experience from an SME perspective and were happy to provide me with the tools, resources and support to grow my consulting capabilities.  

What have you been working on since you joined Be UK?

Since I joined Be UK in July 2022, I’ve been setting up our ESG working group and developing our ESG proposition.  It’s been a great experience setting up the team and growing our brand within the ESG market. We now have a team of experts who are working on upskilling the wider team on ESG reporting and risk management.  

Last year, I completed a project with a client to publish their climate disclosures. This was my first consulting project – a great project to be involved in and it’s been really rewarding to see the team learn and grow during the process. 

How would you describe Be UK’s culture?

I would describe our company culture as being: inclusive, supportive and flexible. 

Inclusive because since the day I joined, everyone has been really welcoming and I felt like I was made to feel at home and part of the team from the very beginning.  

Supportive because the company really values everyone’s ideas and providing you have a decent business case, you’ll be supported in driving your ideas and propositions forward. The partner team encourage you to learn and develop and get involved in interesting projects to broaden your experience. 

Flexible because whilst we operate with certain guidelines, we very much have an entrepreneurial spirit, where you have the flexibility and freedom to craft and guide your own destiny and journey. If you have a particular interest in something, you have the freedom to pursue that (both from a business development and internal perspective).  

And finally... give me three interesting facts about you

I’m a massive foodie (and also massively into my fitness).  

I’m obsessed with three-piece suits. 

I’ve lived in three different continents throughout my life.  


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