Niccolò Siani

Niccolò Siani


What projects have you worked on since you joined Be UK?

I’ve worked on a variety of projects ever since I joined Be UK; across multiple industries, clients and countries. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to various countries for my job.

For example, I worked in Switzerland for four months on a global organisation transformation; another project required travelling to Italy and involved payments and credit cards.

The majority of the projects I’ve worked on are in the Acquiring sector, where we typically help the client to extend the acceptance of a scheme and / or develop new payment methods.

Career opportunities?

I started working at Be UK in January 2018 as a consultant and since then have had multiple promotions and am now a Manager.

A mix of learning and development opportunities and a wide range of projects have been a contributing success factor to my development. In addition to that, the management team have been hugely supportive of my career progression, and I’m grateful to have always been given the choice of working pattern.

How would you describe Be UK’s culture?

If I had to choose 3 words, I would say: inclusive, valuable, accessible.

Inclusive – the management team actively involves everyone at all levels and functions within the company – whether that be in delivering projects, making business decisions or simply welcoming new joiners (each new employee has a variety of introductory meetings when they first join and are welcomed in our Friday Huddle). Part of Be UK’s culture is assigning people to a segment (i.e. business line), which not only provides an internal network but also helps with relationship development across the business.

Valuable – right from the start, I felt that the company aligns with the people’s values; we are all valued for our ideas and individuality.

Accessible – we have a very approachable management team who make time for everyone, regardless of their level or position.

What made you decide to join Be UK?

Trust. First of all, I have been always fascinated by the payments industry, although my former job was in a different sector (IT consulting for telecommunication projects). When I was given the opportunity to join the Be UK team, I knew it wasn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill job. During my probation period, I was lucky enough to work on a fascinating project with people that helped me better understand the world of payments.  My role has given me opportunities to develop my career, feed my curiosity and meet new people.

Today, I have significantly expanded my industry knowledge and have become a subject matter expert in areas such as Payments, Issuing and Acquiring.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Be UK?

I would say I’m a true advocate for Be UK; I’ve had great career opportunities ever since I joined, we have a great culture and some of my closest friends are the people I work with.

So if you are looking for excellent opportunities to shape your career, as well as making great friendships, then Be UK is a great place to join!

And finally… any interesting hobbies you want to share?

I wouldn’t say I have any particular hobby or talent; I’m a curious person though, and I’m always looking forward to trying something new.


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