Wholesale credit and lending – investment case design

The brief

A tier-1 bank contracted us to help create an investment case for a programme within Wholesale Credit & Lending. The team were required to drive the end-to-end process from inception to approval of the investment case, ensuring the required governance and approvals were achieved. ​

Our approach

We initiated and implemented the governance processes and forums required for the investment case creation, review and approval of the applicable workstreams and cost models along with understanding and adhering to the applicable change standards.

​We also engaged and liaised with the various workstreams to develop the scope and cost for each, which also aided in the socialisation and interlocking of processes with the impacted regions and functions.​

The team built out the programme road map along with identifying key risks, issues and milestones, as well as aiding the completion and approval of the non-financial risk assessment of the programme.​

The solution and key benefits

The investment case was approved by the Transformation Executive Committee and the programme was fully funded, with all governance and interlocking requirements met. The completed investment case included: the programme road map, financial model, key dependencies, risks and issues. We were further contracted to lead the delivery of one of the workstreams within the approved programme.​


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