Modern slavery act statement

Be | Shaping the Future Management Consulting Ltd (Be UK) is committed to upholding recognised human rights and strictly prohibits the use of modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour in its operations. We impose the same high standards on our suppliers, contractors and other business partners.

We always endeavour to operate responsibly, ethically and in full compliance with UK legislation, implementing systems and controls aimed at ensuring that modern slavery, human trafficking or child labour is not taking place within the organisation. We have a ‘Code of Conduct’ in place and this applies to all persons working for the Company whether direct employees, associates or temporary staff.

Our organisation

We provide management consultancy services to clients across the financial services industry. Our office is in London and we have over 100 employees. We are part of Be | Shaping the Future (“Be Group”) which has a team of over 1,900 people and operates in 13 European countries.

Our people

Be UK strives to maintain high standards of ethical conduct and ensure the fair treatment of all workers throughout the organisation. We are committed to providing a safe working environment and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all workers.

We offer all workers a voluntary rate of pay over and above the minimum legal requirements. Furthermore, all direct employees and associates of the Company undergo thorough pre-employment screening to ensure compliance with UK labour laws. No individuals under the age of 16 are employed by or permitted to work for the Company.

As part of the our commitment, all persons working for or on behalf of the Company are expected to support and uphold the below measures to safeguard against modern slavery and human trafficking:

  • Demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery within the Company and its supply chain.
  • Prevent, detect and report any case of modern slavery within the organisation or supply chain.
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders and suppliers to address the risk of modern slavery in the Company’s operations and supply chain and set the expectation that suppliers are holding their own suppliers to equally high standards.
  • Adopt a risk-based approach:
    • During the Company’s commercial processes when assessing third parties to determine whether the inclusion of specific contractual prohibitions against the use of modern slavery and trafficked labour are required.
    • Whilst assessing the benefits of writing to suppliers requiring them to adopt the Company’s approach towards antislavery and human trafficking.
    • When engaging with employment and recruitment agencies to confirm their compliance with the Company’s approach.
  • Conduct risk assessments and appropriate due diligence processes during which it will be considered, where circumstances warrant, carrying out audits of suppliers.
  • Take appropriate action as soon as the Company is aware if individuals or organisations working on the Company’s behalf have breached this policy.

Our suppliers

The Company’s supplier relationships are low risk and typically involve (i) the procurement of goods or services for internal use, such as technology and office supplies, and (ii) associates and sub-contractors who provide niche and specialist support for our client engagements.

The Company aims to mitigate risks when selecting and contracting with suppliers through various actions, including:

  • Requiring suppliers of regularly contracted staff to confirm their workers receive the National Living Wage.
  • Providing educational awareness on issues relating to slavery and human trafficking to workers who directly engage with suppliers, thus helping them identify potential issues when dealing with suppliers.
  • Requesting potential suppliers to provide their current anti-slavery and human trafficking policy and, where applicable, requesting confirmation of their compliance with the Act.
  • Including, in standard supplier contract templates, a clause regarding the prevention of slavery and trafficked labour.


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