Retail and commercial banking

Through the combination of innovative thinking and experience of the banking sector, we ensure our clients take advantage of market disruption to achieve lasting value in their businesses.

From operational transformation to risk reduction and revenue optimisation, our retail and commercial banking consulting services are designed to help our clients tackle complex challenges and achieve their ambitions.

Banks need to continuously innovate and change in order to remain responsive and relevant and to meet their customers’ rising expectations and demands. Through trusted working relationships, our experienced practitioners partner with you and your teams to deliver best practice solutions that establish efficient and focused practices, reduce operating costs, maximise opportunities and achieve competitive advantage.

Our strategic advisors apply market-leading technology, tools and solutions to help banks and payment providers remain sustainable, become future-ready, and thrive as agile, data-driven and customer-focused organisations.


We provide advisory and delivery consulting services across retail and commercial banking clients to support their transformation agenda.

  • Delivering fundamental and enduring change across the banking ecosystem.

    We understand our clients’ challenges and the ever-evolving business environment. We support your business to deliver change using established tools and proven methodologies resulting in positive outcomes.

    • Programme mobilisation
    • Programme and project management
    • PMO set up and operation
    • Change management
    • New product development / market innovation
  • Assisting organisations to develop a more dynamic approach in evaluating and executing their portfolio of technology projects.

    We help organisations to evaluate new technology solutions and support them in building roadmaps so they can successfully implement new technology.

    Our solutions improve cost transparency, enable identification of cost savings, and deliver enhanced processes. The design thinking process and supporting workshops we employ reduce the time to evaluate and bring to market new ideas and solutions, resulting in a faster time to market.

    • Digital strategy and transformation
    • Technology adoption
    • Skilled expertise and resources in leading technologies (e.g., ServiceNow, Palantir, Salesforce, Engineering)
  • Our skilled data analytics specialists deliver solutions that address today’s critical industry challenges, while helping organisations become ready to face the future.

    Embed leading analytical techniques to unlock new areas of value, become more time and resource efficient, drive timely decisions and effectively meet your business objectives with smart data science.

    Our strategic partnership with Palantir, a data software specialist, enables us to provide world-class data technology and infrastructure to our clients.

    • Data governance set up
    • Data quality remediation, build out, structuring and engineering
    • Data analytics
    • Advanced data analytics resource augmentation
    • Design, build and management of data innovation and capabilities
    • Artificial intelligence for business transformation
  • Transforming organisations to deliver superior customer-centric services, enabled by an effective operating model design and process improvements.

    Identify opportunities for revenue generation through enhancing your customer journey experience, whilst optimising your organisations’ capabilities to drive greater operational efficiencies and provide increased value.

    • Target operating model design and execution support
    • Process re-engineering and automation
    • Customer journey definition and delivery
    • Balance sheet / capital management and risk weighted asset (RWA) optimisation


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