ESG and sustainability

We provide advisory and consulting services to financial services organisations to support their ESG and sustainability needs.

We combine our deep ESG expertise and industry experience to help our clients navigate through the rapidly changing world of ESG. Our objective is to help them integrate ESG and sustainability into their business model, capitalise on sustainability opportunities, mitigate ESG risks and comply with all relevant regulations.

Financial services organisations must embed ESG into their decision-making framework, as these become more important in the eyes of shareholders, investors and regulators. These catalysts will drive structural changes to how these firms formulate their strategy and operating models in the future.

From measuring GHG baseline and setting science-based targets to embedding net zero strategies into clients’ long term strategic framework and annual reporting, our consulting services are designed to help our clients with a wide spectrum of their ESG needs.


We provide strategy and framework design services to financial services organisations, as well as tailored training sessions and online resources.

  • We help clients measure their GHG emissions and setting of net zero strategies across their own operations and their financed emissions.

    Ensure long-term sustainability goals are reached.

    • Carbon baselining
    • Target setting
    • Net zero strategy
    • ESG procurement
  • We design ESG reporting and risk management frameworks to ensure clients comply with their in-scope regulatory reporting standards and regulations.

    Avoid greenwashing and compliance risk, whilst strengthening internal processes for ESG reporting and risk management. Examples of frameworks include: TCFD, ISSB, SEC, GRI, EFRAG, TNFD.

    • Disclosure scoping and gap analysis
    • Reporting and risk management framework design
    • ESG change management
    • ESG reporting and risk management operating model development
  • Providing up-to-date and tailored training, from corporate board level to analyst.

    Raise awareness, develop functional skills or create management frameworks – our training is designed to provide the right level of knowledge at the right level of detail.

    • Topic scoping
    • Course material development
    • Training delivery
    • Online training resources
  • We design and implement a data strategy with the aim of fulfilling ESG modelling and reporting demands from various functions within the organisation.

    Optimise your data and technology strategy.

    • Data strategy design
    • Data governance framework design
    • ESG data sourcing
    • Technology change management and implementation roadmap


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