Be you

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”
Stephen R Covey

All too often diversity is seen as a target to achieve, but we see it as an essential component of our business; each of us is unique and we value the contributions, ideas and strengths of each and every individual. We believe that a vast range of skill sets, experiences and points of view provide the best client service, the most impressive innovations, and the greatest work environments.

But simply being diverse is not enough, we want everyone to feel a genuine sense of belonging and inclusivity.  We strive to create an environment in which everyone can be their authentic selves, where individual needs are understood and addressed, where everyone is treated with respect and appreciated for their contribution; and where we all have the opportunity to achieve our true potential.

We have four key equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) pillars, which help to give us direction and focus when working to make Be UK an equal, diverse and inclusive place to work.

“We know it’s not enough just talking about equity, diversity and inclusion; our four strategic EDI pillars aim to raise awareness, build understanding, encourage open conversations, ensure we listen to and learn from our people, address imbalances and drive real change.”
Emma Williams, Head of HR

“I’m a true believer that our differences are our key strength and that our diverse workforce make us the company we are today. We welcome anyone who’s curious and innovative and who has the confidence to be themselves and share ideas.”
Chris Cardwell, CEO

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