CFO advisory and finance change

As skilled management consultants we help our finance clients to define and deliver solutions that optimise innovation and achieve significant and sustainable change across their organisation.

At Be UK we leverage our deep experience and knowledge of innovative technology to enable our clients to develop a more efficient and cost effective finance function, who can provide timely and accurate finance data and value-added analysis.

Our management consultants have been in your shoes. Many have worked as CFOs and analysts in finance departments and therefore understand the complex challenges you face. We use this unique knowledge and experience to help our clients engage in a digital environment to avoid being left behind, set up fit-for-purpose target operating models, enhance finance data and respond to new regulations and hot topics, such as ESG frameworks and disclosure reporting requirements.

As trusted advisors to senior leaders we do the right thing, and the quality of our client service comes first, always. As connected thinkers we work in a joint and unified way. As thought leaders we are the first to come up with fresh ideas, seeing things from a different perspective and implementing innovative new tools and techniques. As experienced problem solvers, we make change happen.


From established organisations in need of expert consultancy services to ambitious new businesses that are rapidly growing, we have the right combination of expertise, technology, tools and techniques to help you navigate this ever-evolving industry.

  • We create the strategy, and design and support the execution of a digitally enhanced target operating model.

    Transform your processes from labour and cost intensive to automated and streamlined functions, while also providing the finance department with better quality data and MI to base decisions on.

    • Robotic process automation
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Data cleansing and visualisation techniques
    • Cloud implementation
    • Cultural innovation and change
  • Through enhanced analytics and insight, we improve the data journey for finance departments.

    Become more time and resource efficient with smart data science. We can implement:

    • Visualisation tools
    • Predictive analytical models
    • Data lineage
    • Data governance
  • We provide growing technology companies with flexible finance resources and a tailor-made operating model to set up an efficient and effective finance department in preparation for handing over to your permanent team.

    Resource augmentation for growing businesses who need an expert hand. We can support you with:

    • Accounting
    • Procurement
    • Treasury
    • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Our skilled consultants have a unique combination of deep industry and regulatory knowledge, as well as experience in optimisation change management.

    We work with organisations to identify opportunities to improve RWA, liquidity, funding, and leverage calculations in order to maximise ROE performance.

    We design and implement sustainable solutions incorporating changes to data, process, organisational structure, accounting, and governance. Our team of experts can help you with:

    • RWA, liquidity, funding and leverage optimisation diagnosis
    • Data assessment, data definition and lineage mapping for critical calculations
    • Assessment of accounting policies that impact RWA, funding, liquidity and leverage calculations
    • Alignment with regulatory rules
    • Business case development
    • Technology support and PMO


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