Wholesale credit and lending – policy simplification

The brief

A tier-1 bank contracted us to help deliver policy changes across Wholesale Credit and Lending – including the policies related to Cross Border Lending and Annual Renewals. The policies were restrictive and over cautious, thus impacting efficiency and effectiveness of the respective critical processes.​

Our approach

We analysed the current policies and nuances across various regions, including the impact of the current policies on application volume, risk and expected credit losses.​ We produced descriptive analysis of the lending booked to inform proposed policy changes.​

The team modelled the impact of potential policy changes, application volumes, risk and expected losses.​

We also proposed updated policy criteria which maximises benefits and effectively manages risk​.

The key findings and proposed policy revisions were presented in a white paper for approval at various committees.​

The solution and key benefits

The Cross Border policy change had a material impact on time-to-decision and time-to-cash without compromising the bank’s risk standards. The policy changes resulted in an improvement of five to ten days in time-to-decision, thus benefiting both clients and client facing teams.​

The Annual Renewals policy changes were a key enabler to rolling out a rapid renewal process which would cut annual review times in half. The policy revision doubled the number of reviews that were eligible, while tightening certain criteria which were key predictors of future credit deterioration.​


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