The CFO of the future

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services (FS), the role of the CFO is undergoing significant transformation. While there is a variety of research available on CFO perspectives, these reports are commonly industry agnostic and overlook industry specific challenges and opportunities.

FS, with its inherent complexity and bespoke regulatory environment, presents a distinct set of challenges for its CFOs. Recognising this gap, we have produced this report to focus on the underserved perspectives and insights of CFO’s within FS on their unique challenges, strategies and vision of the future.

In our efforts to provide the most relevant insights, we have partnered with Board, a leading provider of intelligent planning solutions for the FS industry. Their expertise and innovative solutions align seamlessly with the unique challenges faced by CFOs in FS, making them an ideal partner for this report.

We trust that this report will serve as a valuable guide for CFOs in FS, providing them with precise and relevant peer insight to help them successfully lead their organisation into the future.

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