Alina Jennings

Alina Jennings

Senior Consultant

When did you join Be UK?

I joined in January 2021.

What projects have you worked on since you joined?

I am currently assigned to a client which is implementing a large regulatory framework; which is a really exciting project to be involved in.

My main role on the project is as an analyst and liaison between the programme and the legal entity; which usually entails reviewing and analysing the ask from the programme and ensuring that the assigned legal entity has sufficient information and data to complete the task at hand. At times, this also involves translating from German to English and data mining/data analysis. So in summary, a really varied role!

How would you describe Be UK’s culture?

Be UK is a company that nurtures its people and encourages them to achieve their professional development goals; we are encouraged to share our ideas, collaborate and work towards common objectives.

If I were to sum our culture up in two words, I’d say: welcoming and collaborative.

What made you join Be UK?

As this is my first consultancy job I didn’t know what to expect. The company sounded like an engaging organisation and during my interviews, it sounded like employees are highly invested in and inspired to do their best work for the company and the client.

Be UK’s client base looked impressive for the size of the company; which in my eyes showed that the company builds strong working relationships, strong teams, and a strong company culture – who wouldn’t want to join that?!

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Be UK?

Be UK is such a diverse, international group of people, who are genuinely so passionate about what they do, so not only will you be working with – and learning from – real experts within their field, you’ll also have the freedom (and are encouraged) to manage your own career goals, with support from the management team.

Each employee is given annual learning credits, which enables us to choose from a variety of courses to help drive our own professional development. So if you’re looking to work for a consultancy that looks after its people and has a collaborative approach, then Be UK is the company for you!

And finally… give us an interesting fact about yourself…

Turns out I’m a woman of many talents!  Here’s just some of them:

    • I co-founded a sea gig rowing club in Dorset
    • I have rowed in the World Pilot Gig Championship
    • I am an avid golfer with a pretty good handicap
    • During the height of COVID I completed a diploma in Norse Mythology and I’m currently doing a diploma in Criminology
    • I’m also half German!


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