Cuztina Liu

Cuztina Liu

Senior Consultant

When did you join Be UK?

I joined Be UK in January 2022, and the last 7 months have gone really quickly!

What projects have you worked on since you joined?

I’m in our cards and payments team and the projects we work on in this sector tend to be strategy focused and fast moving. We have been working with a card scheme to identify top players in the entire payment ecosystem, to develop strategies for them to better engage with budding FinTech enablers and to drive growth in the long term. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about this sector and the opportunity to engage with top players in the FinTech industry.

How would you describe Be UK's culture?

Whilst Be UK is rapidly growing, there’s still a really nice, small company, family feel to the culture. Everyone is really friendly and I am grateful to work with such a talented, driven, supportive and exceedingly capable team. Consulting is not only about helping businesses grow and build strategies, but also about bringing together smart people to collaborate, support each other and solve problems.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Be UK?

There’s an abundance of learning opportunities at Be UK; besides the learning experience from project work, we have access to a wide range of online resources, we’re given learning credits towards training courses and qualifications, lunch time knowledge teach-in sessions and training courses for upskilling. These opportunities have helped me develop diverse skillsets and learn from my colleagues in other teams and sectors.  So if you’re someone who is keen to learn and develop new skills, whilst working with a diverse group of people, then Be UK is a great place to be!

And finally... what's on your bucket list?

I love fencing – so I am training to compete in a national/international match one day!


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