Geraldine Bouckaert

Geraldine Bouckaert

Senior Manager

What made you decide to join Be UK?

I decided to join Be UK because I was drawn to its smaller company environment. My previous experience at a larger company left me feeling like a mere cog in the machine. At Be UK, I appreciate that I have a voice and the opportunity to shape the direction of the company and my career. The interview process provided me with insight into the company’s dedication to excellence and its careful recruitment process to ensure that all hired individuals would embody the company’s cultures and its values. Additionally, what truly stood out to me during the interview process (and has been emphasized since I joined the company), was the flat hierarchy, which means everyone is very approachable and collaborative.

What have you been working on?

Since joining Be UK, I had the privilege to lead a team at one of clients, which was a cryptocurrency startup. Our focus at this client was on enhancing operational efficiency within the finance department. Additionally, our team played a crucial role in supporting the company through a successful M&A transaction and ultimately in the solvent winddown of the client. Subsequently, I was involved in designing and implementing a target operating model for the client billing department at a global asset management firm.

How would you describe Be UK’s culture?

Be UK cultivates a culture that values recognition and meritocracy, where your hard work is duly acknowledged, leading to well-deserved career progressions, that aren’t driven by time in role. I joined Be UK as a Manager and once I had settled in,  I was encouraged to work with my coach to develop a plan to achieve the next step in the career. Just over a year after I joined, I was promoted to Senior Manager, which is a testament to the culture of meritocracy at Be UK. What also sets Be UK’s culture apart is the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives here, encouraging innovative thinking and the pursuit of fresh ideas. Everyone is encouraged to build a part of the company’s story and its future. Furthermore, Be UK knows how to balance work with fun moments, offering socials that help foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. This vibrant culture, combined with excellent coaching and training opportunities, creates an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

Tell me some interesting facts about you?
  • I love cooking, discovering new recipes and hosting dinner parties.
  • I’ve climbed one of the seven summits.
  • I’ve visited 43 counties and one of my favourites was Uganda. Still on the ‘to-visit’ list is Rwanda.


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