Narein Muraleetharan

Narein Muraleetharan


What made you look into doing an apprenticeship?

Having already been to University but deciding to change my career path, the ability to learn from industry professionals whilst gaining valuable work experience and working towards a degree at the same time really appealed to me.

What attracted you to data science?

I studied maths at A-level and enjoyed it, so I decided I wanted a career that involved data.  Data science is a rapidly growing field and a hugely transferable skill; it’s used in all industries!  I was also interested in pursuing a career in consulting and it appeared to me that data and technology will be a key driving force for the consulting industry both now and in the future.

What attracted you to the apprenticeship scheme with Be UK?

There were two key factors that appealed to me about working for Be UK: their financial services focus (i.e., working with large banks and financial organisations) and their culture.  It was clear to see from their website, social media and initial discussions that they take pride in cultivating a nice, positive and supportive culture.  I wanted to work for an organisation where I would be valued for my input and individuality and didn’t want to just be another cog in the corporate wheel.

What skills do you feel you need as a data scientist?

You need an analytical mind where you can consider data and results from a number of perspectives.  You also need a knack for problem solving using data and be able to recognise patterns within datasets.  Having a good sense of general curiosity is also beneficial as it encourages you to challenge what you’re seeing in the data and helps you to find solutions.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing an apprenticeship?

In my view – it’s a no brainer!  The apprenticeship enables you to earn while you learn.  Not only are you working towards a degree, you’re also learning from data science and consulting experts.  In my view, it’s a far greater start to your career than learning theory but not gaining any practical work experience like you do at University!


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