Sumye Vincent

Sumye Vincent

Senior Consultant

What key projects have you been working on?

Since I joined Be UK (in April 2021), I’ve been involved in a regulatory framework project, which is really dynamic and every day is different.  We’re building a database solution in order to meet the requirements of the regulatory framework, which requires a lot of technical knowledge, understanding of the business requirements as well as the IT limitations. I’ve learnt so much and it’s been really rewarding to see how much we’ve achieved as a team over the last few months.

How would you describe Be UK’s culture?

The culture is very welcoming, encouraging, and supportive.  We also have a very open and transparent culture – particularly in terms of communications.

What opportunities are there?

We have opportunities not only to develop our career but also to help shape the company and the culture, such as working on different internal initiatives, like being a part of our Comms Champions (a group that was formed to help drive communications and information sharing across the business, as well as driving our thought leadership).

From a career perspective, the leadership team and coaches are always trying to elevate and support you – they’re passionate about ensuring our career is on track, that we’re progressing in the areas we want to, that we’re happy with the support we’re receiving and best placed to excel (including the annual learning credits we receive, which we can choose entirely what we want to use them on).

They’re not just focused on ensuring we are delivering on the clients’ needs, but they also place a huge emphasis on making sure we have projects that are aligned to our career goals.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Be UK?

Be UK is a great environment that cultivates motivation and ambition.  We are a diverse group of people with a really broad range of experiences that allow for lots of development opportunities, giving you the freedom to carve your own career – which is really unique.

And finally… any interesting hobbies you want to share

Not many people know this, but randomly I ran a prawn farm in Malaysia between 2017-2019 as part of a friends’ family business!



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