Scaling a FinTech’s finance function

The brief

A blockchain-based payment start-up needed to develop its finance function and to create in-house capabilities which could support the planned growth and increasing complexity of the business.​

The previous finance department was set-up with a poorly defined governance model, data architecture and legal entity structure. This set up resulted in inaccuracies, delays in reporting and a recurring need for manual intervention to cleanse data, which resulted in an unscalable finance department.​

Our approach

This project involved:

  • Conducting a diagnostic assessment to determine targeted finance solutions relevant to the business and the maturity of the specific client;
  • Providing a fully managed service targeting all operating sub-functions within a finance department;
  • Transforming the finance department into a key driver of predictive and strategic decision making by redefining and documenting processes and controls to ensure a more efficient and operationally resilient finance department;
  • Creating golden sources of data to enable linking data across the finance department and the business as a whole.

The solution and key benefits

We transformed the finance department to be more efficient, seamless and require less manual intervention. The finance function can now facilitate strategic, real-time decision making with higher straight through processing which allows the department to scale without the need of additional headcount.​ The finance function can also now spend more time on value enhancing activities and help drive the strategic direction of the firm.  ​


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